Wild Lion Simulator – Animal Family Survival Game

Wild Lion Simulator – Animal Family Survival Game Apk Download For Android-

Wild Lion Simulator Apk family is an animal simulator and family survival game, become a powerful lion of big forest among the wild animals in lion simulator. Be a real jungle king of this lion kingdom family simulator game.Play wild lion simulator game as the king of the jungle. Rule your wild world as the great wild lion simulator and animal family survivor.

Raise your family as the king. Take care of your cubs, don’t let them stray in open jungle. Wild lion family simulator game is an adventure 3D game with challenging missions with wild predators. Wild lion simulator animal family is specially designed for those who want to play animal simulator game. It’s time to play role of wild lion, save your lion family form cougar, cheetah, tiger and other wild animals with face to face fight. Don’t let other clans take up your wild lion den in this RPG simulator game. Enjoy the adventure of wild lion free simulator game of wild animals. Take care of your lioness. Play with your cubs. Hunt for food in wild forest.

As a courageous lion, raise your cubs. Build huge lion den. Breed your virtual family.

Teach your cubs how to hunt and be the king of jungle while in the wild forest. Keep your lion family safe. There are hunters and sniper shooters all over the wild forest. Play free wild lion simulator animal family game and complete challenging quests and fierce fighting missions. As an angry wild lion of family game, you will hunt other animals as food for survival for your lion family. Wild lion family simulator games are all about jungle survival and building wild lion clan. Beware of other cat family attacks in the open wild forest.In this extreme wild lion virtual family simulator game hunt or get hunted. While going for wild hunt, you have to be calm, don’t lose your health when fighting. Hunt down all the hunters who try to take over your virtual family.

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