Virus Battle

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Virus Battle Apk This game is made for the present day. That fits perfectly into the current madness of our virus problem. A classic game to reduce frustration.

Here you can catch viruses, if possible of the same color, to multiply your hits and points. For each hit you get 50 points, and if they are of the same color these are multiplied.

So the calculation looks like this in Virus Battle Apk:

2 x same color 100 points, 2 hits
3 x same color 200 points, 4 hits
4 x same color 400 points, 8 hits
5 x same color 800 points, 16 hits
6 x same color100 points, 2 hits

At the start of the game you have 30 seconds and need to catch 30 viruses. Each round there are 10 viruses more to be caught and your playing time is reduced by one second.

In the course of the game you have to stay away from viruses with masks, if you catch one, 50 points and 1 hit will be deducted from you up to level (3), but the reverse math applies here. Should you catch the same color, hits and points are multiplied as above and deducted.

After level 3, things are made even more difficult. If you hit a mask now, you will be deducted one second, one hit and 50 points. Here it is the same with the time deduction for masks of the same color as when subtracting the points 2 x same color 4 seconds minus 3 x same color 8 seconds minus …

The phenomenal thing about the level is that when you hit a mask, a new bacteria comes into play instantly.

Hitting bacteria is not nice, they do not bring any points or hits, they only cost time. The first hit is 3 seconds away.

If further bacteria are unexpectedly hit directly afterwards, the time deduction is multiplied as follows:

2 x bacteria 6 seconds
3 x bacteria 9 seconds
4 x bacteria 12 seconds
5 x bacteria 15 seconds

Up to level 6, the bacteria only appear if you catch a mask. From the next level onwards, the bacteria are also present.

After level 9 there is a new expansion, because time is getting scarcer and you have to catch countless more viruses, the killer virus come on the scene.

If you catch the green killer virus, you will get 2 seconds credited, and that could help you get through the laps.

From level 12, there are two more killer viruses of different colors so that more killer viruses can be caught at this level of difficulty in order to be able to meet the required number of hits.

After level 15 there is a time multiplication with the killer viruses if you kill killer viruses of the same color.

Calculation looks like this:

2 x won 4 seconds
3 x won 8 seconds
4 x won 2 seconds

From level 20, no more seconds are deducted from the start time.

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