Swordigo v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money And Health Download)

Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure! The #1 mobile adventure game and a 3D platformer, now also available for Android phones and tablets.
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Touch Foo
November 2, 2021
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Download Swordigo MOD APK For Android. Touch Foo’s Swordigo is an action-packed adventure game with over ten million downloads on Google Play. We offer Swordigo MOD APK, which has wonderful features such as infinite diamonds. This game has a lovely, one-of-a-kind atmosphere, as well as a beat sound. You’re going to enjoy it. In addition, the Swordigo MOD APK is quite popular in the Google Play Store, with over 10,000,000 downloads. So, if you’re looking for a way to get limitless diamonds in Swordigo MOD APK, you’ve come to the right place.

Some bandits in Swordigo stole the sacred tree’s legendary eggs, the Incrediballs. The Incrediballs are now strewn around the globe, and the sacred tree is in horrible shape. To resurrect the sacred tree, you must collect all of the eggs and Incrediballs. Complete levels, fight robbers, track down escaping eggs, and feed them to help you progress through the levels.

When the player joins Swordigo, he or she changes into an adolescent lad who controls humanity’s fate. According to the plot, you will join the youngster as he travels to many new locations to complete the tasks that have been entrusted to him. However, this is the first time the youngster has ventured out of his hamlet while on a mission to save humanity from the evil hand. To finish the quest, players and characters will go to a variety of locations, ranging from a bustling city to a freezing dungeon.

Swordigo MOD APK Game Overview

The controls are basic, and the game is quite straightforward to play. To fight the adversaries, tap the sword button, and to move, tap the move buttons. Double-tapping the move buttons will make you run faster. To jump, tap the jump button in the same way. There are two techniques to increase your jump height. You can jump higher by holding the jump button down, or by double-tapping the jump button. Kill the enemy with your sword. The magic bolt will be introduced to you in the first task.

A magic bolt is a blue fireball that you can use to deliver damage to your adversaries from afar. It’s useful since you don’t have to come close to your opponents to attack them, and it prevents you from losing health. By tapping the magic bolt button, you can summon a magical bolt. You must collect energy globes in order to restore your magical energy. If an enemy attacks you with a ranged attack, you can simply block it with your sword, but magical attacks are unblockable.

Swordigo MOD APK Features

Unlock and Upgrade Characters

Players will encounter numerous objectives as they explore Swordigo, each of which increases in difficulty in accordance with the open plot. They don’t necessitate a lot of your mental skills, but you’ll need to strengthen your strength to beat them. In such cases, the necessity to upgrade yourself to a breakthrough is critical if you are to save humanity.

Leveling up is the simplest way to increase your power. However, the higher the level, the longer it takes to complete; also, the modest indexes earned after tryhard are insufficient to assist you in fighting difficult bosses. Finding new weapons and unlocking new skills is the greatest method to do this.

The player can explore caverns or dungeons during the mission to find sacred swords with exceptionally high stats and cool appearances! One of them is the fire sword depicted on the game poster. In addition, you can improve your magic to deal massive damage to adversaries or purchase additional armor to boost your defense.

Run, jump, slash, and use all of your magical abilities to eliminate your opponents.

Don’t worry if you’re new to Swordigo and are unfamiliar with this name. This game is well worth your time, and as a result, it has a simple gaming interface. You can play and complete most of the early missions very easily in this game, but you’ll get stuck on the most difficult boss levels at times.

To begin the game, you must live the life of a warrior across the entire green area, including trees, bushes, and mountains. You are the warrior, and you must exact vengeance on the Guru, who assisted you in learning magic tricks and using magical orbs. To earn free coins and acquire the most powerful swords, you must sprint over the field, jump from the mountains, and kill all the small critters that come your way. Let’s get this party started right now!

Challenge over 10 ferocious bosses in this beautiful land.

Only because this game will provide you with a realistic interface within the magical spheres did we adopt the term “magical realm.” While playing this game, you can collect over three different magical balls and attach them to your sword and magic. The Fire orb, the Black Powers orb, and the Icy orb are among these orbs. All of these orbs have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. To re-join your favorite one, complete with all of your extras.

You’ll have to overcome all of the game’s challenging bosses in addition to these orbs and tiny animals. Yes, there are ten different bosses in the game, each of which requires special abilities to defeat. So you’ll have to travel around that magnificent area in search of all those orbs in order to destroy the bosses in front of you with ease. You can also change the difficulty of your tasks at any moment between Easy, Normal, and Hard!

Make the most powerful swords

Swords are at the heart of Swordigo, and the game’s main quest will lead you to the game’s final reward, which is also a sword called The Mageblade. It’s a fantastic sword, but it’s also the most difficult to make. Yes, the entire game’s plot revolves around this sword, and you’ll have to track down all of Mageblade’s bits in order to reassemble it in the game’s final moments.

You’ll find a variety of simple blades or swords in the game, including Brass Sword, Iron Sword, The Needle, Broad Sword, The Thorn, and Magic Sword, in addition to the Mageblade. All of these words may be found in the game’s additional stores, and you can employ their superpowers of all of them to fight the game’s most difficult bosses. In other words, you will never be bored when playing Swordigo!

Protect yourself from bosses.

Following the completion of swords, magical powers, and orbs, we now have the defensive material that you’ll enjoy in the game: Armor! These Armors are the defensive gear that will guard you against the swords and poison stings of your opponents. Simply put, if you reduce one heart of damage with the sword, you will only receive half heart damage after wearing the Armor.

Furthermore, magical orbs can be installed within these Armors to imbue them with superpowers. If you have the Black Magic orb within your blade, your health will increase slightly faster than if you don’t have it. Following that, Embedding Fire orb with sword will deal harm to all your opponents who come into contact with you.

Unlimited Health and Soul Shards

You will have an infinite life and Soul Shards for your game characters with the Swordigo apk patched version, and you will be able to complete game levels quickly. You can utilize these awesome unlocked premium features to increase your Swordigo game levels at any time. You can also obtain an endless number of diamonds, which can be used to purchase other game stuff.

3D Graphics

It’s a PlayStation 1-style game. It lacks the realistic pictures and high-definition graphics found in other recent games. Touch Foo, on the other hand, has produced this game with amazing and vibrant colors. It is so fascinating that everyone wants to play it because it catches everyone’s attention as soon as they begin to play it.

Locate Unique Items

Rare goods abound in Swordigo’s environment. If you want to find rare stuff, you’ll have to travel the globe. Powerful and mysterious swords and shields can be found. Explore dungeons in search of a treasure that has been concealed for years. The dungeon is a mystery location in the game where powerful spells are hidden, but you can uncover them and use them against creatures.

An infinite number of coins.

The next feature provided by the modified version of Swordigo, or Swordigo MOD APK, is the ability to generate an endless number of coins. If you’re unfamiliar with the Swordigo Android game, Coins are the major in-game currency, and you’ll need them to buy all of your desired add-ons, such as Swords, Magic Balls and Armors, and Health Potions.

However, the official edition only provides you with a limited number of coins, which means you won’t be able to buy all of the enhancements you want. Don’t be concerned; simply get Swordigo MOD APK! This updated version is capable of providing you with endless coins at no cost. As a result, you can now utilize these limitless coins to take advantage of the legendary in-game weapons’ unrestricted benefits. Stop battling and get Swordigo MOD APK as soon as possible!

Become eternal

After being the most powerful troop in the entire Swordigo game, you’ll also want defensive equipment. I’m not referring to that Armor because you may obtain it with the unlimited coins you’ve received from the game. Even so, keep in mind that the game only gives you three hearts at the start, which is a pitiful amount.

Officially, you must kill as many rivals as possible in order to gain XP and increase the quantity of hearts in your inventory. Swordigo MOD APK, on the other hand, is offering whole lives to your gaming for free. You’re immortal now, and you have ten hearts to spend in the boss stages. Simply begin with the boss levels and challenge all of them with legendary stuff.

Unlocked map

To begin with, the modified edition of the game provides you with entirely unlocked ranges. Basically, if you haven’t played Swordigo before, you should know that it has a big map and will require you to work hard in between plays to unlock a large number of locations. But, thankfully, we have the Swordigo MOD APK!

The Swordigo MOD APK includes free patches that will allow you to explore the whole Swordigo map, including the last destination where you’ll find the Mageblade unlocked within the same area. Furthermore, gaming would be identical to the official version in terms of interface. So don’t waste any more time and find the Mageblade pieces as soon as possible.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a Run Jum Game to play on your Android device, look no further than Swordigo MOD APK! This app is perfect for anyone who enjoys Run Jum. Plus, it’s free to download, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Click the link above to download the app now.


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- Bug fixes and other improvements.