Status Saver Plus for WhatsApp HD Photo And Video

Status Saver Plus for WhatsApp HD Photo And Video Apk Download For Android-

Latest Status Saver Plus Apkย  for WhatsApp Messenger To Help You ๐Ÿ˜ Download & Share Your Friends WhatsApp Video / Image Status Without Any Annoying Ads on Other Social Media Apps Like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. And Send Unknown Message to Unsaved WhatsApp Numbers.

WhatsApp Status Saver Is an Application That Helps You to Save Videos and Photos ๐Ÿ†from Whatsapp Status. Now You Can Download WhatsApp Status Easily with the Free WhatsApp Downloader, You Can Save Your Most Favorite Videos from Your Contacts Without Letting Them Know. This Application ๐Ÿ† Also Provides a Feature of Unknown Message Sender. All WhatsApp Status Saver Is Completely Free and Very Easy to Download Status with Its Amazing Feature of It Showing Photo and Video Status in It. Save Status and Download Videos with Status Downloader and Watch Them Offline. This New WhatsApp Status Saver Is Safe, Super-Fast, and 100% Free.

๐Ÿท๏ธ Features List

1. WhatsApp Status Downloader
โœ“ Save, Delete & Share Saved Status
โœ“ Work on Whatsapp, Business & GB

2. WhatsApp Downloads Manager
โœ“ Easy Settings, Choose Saving Folder
โœ“ Download Statuses to the Gallery
โœ“ Download HD Image/Video Status Saver

3. WhatsApp Status Player
โœ“ Watch Status Without Viewing it On WhatsApp
โœ“ In-Built WA Status Viewer and Video Player
โœ“ Top Easy to Use WhatsApp Statuses Player

4. Repost WhatsApp Status Downloads

โœ“ Repost Video / Image Status To Your WhatsApp Messenger

5. WhatsApp Direct Chat
โœ“ Send Message Without Saved WhatsApp Number.
โœ“ Open Chat with Unsaved WhatsApp Number

6. WhatsApp Downloader Locker
โœ“ Lock & Secure your WhatsApp Downloads
โœ“ Lock/Unlock App With PIN Or Fingerprint

7. Share WhatsApp Status
โœ“ Share Image / Video Status On Social Media, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Likee etc

โ„น๏ธ How to Use

1 – First Launch Whatsapp Messenger ๐Ÿ“ฑ
2 – Open WhatsApp Status Saver App (This App)
3 – Click on the Save Button to Download WhatsApp status

๐Ÿ“ Important:
You Should Update WA Messenger App Before Using Status Saver, Upgrading WhatsApp Messenger to Latest Version Will Avoid Any Problems in Saving Status.
For Ultimate Experience, Itโ€™s Recommended To Watch Status On WhatsApp If It doesnโ€™t Appear inside WhatsApp Downloader App

โœ’๏ธ Disclaimer:

1. Re-Uploading Whatsapp Status Image or Video Stories and Is Not Encouraged, Please Request Owner Approval.
2. Whatsapp Messenger Is Copyright to Whatsapp, Inc. This App Is in No Way Affiliated With, Sponsored, or Endorsed by Whatsapp, Inc. We Are Not Responsible for Any Kind of Re-Usage of Any Media Downloaded by the User.

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