Screaming Souls

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Screaming Souls Apk from ZIMA Games is a great choice to tickle your nerves.

It’s 2040. The main character was instructed to carry out a small investigation related to an abandoned bunker, in which illegal experimental experiments were carried out on people. The police showed no resistance, and the newspapers were silent about the terrible consequences of these experiments. But the truth always comes true. Whether it will come true this time depends only on YOU!

Screaming Souls Apk Game Features:

-> Many locations and original soundtracks will add realism and atmosphere to the game.
-> A huge number of enemies will not allow you to calmly walk around the locations.
-> You can break through, or you can go through stealth. Decide youself!
-> The game contains dialogues with minor characters.
-> You will have to run away from enemies more than once, stronger and bigger than you.
-> Original voice acting of the main character and minor persons.
-> Support for multiple languages.

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