Download momdyn MOD Apk For Android

Momdyn MOD Apk Mobile Multibody Dynamics (MOMDYN) is the first multibody dynamics app for Android. MOMDYN provides an easy to use graphical interface that is familiar to engineers and physicists who have studied classical mechanics, with a limited but powerful set of features similar to modern modeling and simulation software. The software forms a bridge between the”first-principles” approach to dynamics problem solving where one defines kinematic and dynamic equations by hand before developing custom code for each individual system, and the modern approach where the fundamental mathematical equations are obfuscated behind a purely graphical, computer aided design (CAD)-like interface.

The analytical back-end of MOMDYN, referred to here as the “Mechanism module,” is implemented using Python, taking very basic data classes (numeric and string) as user inputs to numerous high-level, object-oriented methods. The graphical front-end of MOMDYN, referred to here as the “Touch interface,” is the means for the user to interact with and visualize elements of the Mechanism module.

_Mechanism module_

* Numeric and string input definition
* New/edit/delete methods
* Embedded documentation
* Equation of motion generation
* Simulation
* Automated code generation

_Touch interface _

* Diagram view
* Report view

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