Download MOGA VK Apk For Android

This application is a virtual keyboard for PowerA MOGA Vk Apk ™ Pocket and MOGA™ Pro controllers. This allows you to simulate keyboard presses with the MOGA controller. With this the MOGA controllers can be used with many applications and games that do not support it by default. You can create button mapping profiles and bind certain application to a profile. Profiles will automatically be selected based on which application you are using. This is particularly useful with applications like emulators.

No hassle connecting MOGA controllers, simply use MOGA Pivot App to manage the connection then run MOGA VK.

– Provides full functionality for the PowerA MOGA™ Pocket and MOGA™ Pro controllers.
– Use your MOGA controller with almost any keyboard supported application or game.
– Allows creation of profiles.
– Automatic profile detection based on current app.
– Default mapping included mimics Xperia Play on MOGA Controller.
– Fully customize Analogs to map to keyboard presses.
– Profiles are saved on sd card under ‘Moga_VK/’
– MOGA IME includes Android 4.X LatinIME keyboard

– Read contacts and Dictionaries is for LatinIME on screen keyboard.
– Internet is for ads.
– Writing external storage is to save profiles.

– Connect your MOGA controller using MOGA Pivot.
– Install SNESDroid
– Open MOGA VK.
– Enable MOGA IME.
– Select the Default profile from the profile drop down.
– Click the gear icon to modify the profile.
– Add SNESDroid application.
– Play SNESDroid using MOGA.


– SNESDroid, NESDroid, GENPlusDroid, GambatteDroid

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