League of Stickman MOD APK v6.1.6 (Max Level+Unlock All Characters)

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May 12, 2021
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League of Stickman is an action game with shadow fighters, heroes, monsters & enemies to battle. Experience real-time combat fights between them. Unlock powerful heroes like Ninja, Gus, Bladey, Monk & more. Team up with them to defeat villains. This game has been created by a new development team that is really great at making games.

They have made many other games as well and they are really good at what they do. You can see their work in the app store and you will find that they have great reviews and ratings. You should give this game a try and see if it is for you or not. If you like the game, then you can buy the full version of it and get all the extra features and content.

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What is League of Stickman MOD APK

League of Stickman MOD App is a game with a very high level of action, which is what makes it so popular. It’s a great game for players who want to play a game that is very challenging but also has a lot of fun. The gameplay of this game is simple, but it is also very interesting. You can control a group of heroes to defeat enemies.

It has a story mode, endless mode, and battle mode. You can use the heroes to fight against the enemies in battle mode. The battle mode is a 3v3 fight between the heroes, where you can pick the heroes, the weapons, and the skills. The game also features a story mode, which is a single-player mode, where you have to fight against the bosses.

Shadow fighter Action Game

Shadow Fighter is a fast-paced, action-packed fighting game where you play as one of the six heroes in the world. Choose your character and fight your way to become the best fighter! The game features a wide variety of moves that you can use to defeat your opponents.

Use combos to unleash devastating attacks, or perform deadly finishing moves. Fight against other players in the online multiplayer mode and become the best fighter in the world.

Unlock Heroes

League of Stickman is a fun and challenging 2D fighting game with a twist! You play as a stick figure who can throw sticks at your enemies to attack them. You can also use the sticks to grab and throw your enemies, pull them toward you, and block incoming attacks.

You can play the game solo or against a friend in local multiplayer. In this article, I’ll show you how to unlock the characters in the game and teach you how to play the game.

Great Graphics & Customizable controls

League of Stickman is a free game app for Android and iOS. It’s a 2D stickman game with an easy-to-learn interface. In fact, we’re using the term “stickman” in a bit of a figurative sense—it could also refer to the character that you control.

As you play the game, you can customize your stickman’s appearance and accessories, and you can even change the music that plays while you’re playing.

Events, Challenges & Missions

Go to the website and start playing. You’ll get a daily mission to complete. This will help you to unlock new levels. Once you have completed all the missions, you will be able to go to the next level. You can complete it by unlocking the levels.

You can also go to the shop and buy coins and gems. You can buy more coins and gems if you have enough. You can also buy gold if you are feeling lucky.

Multiple Game Modes

Play in multiple game modes like Quest, Arena & Raids as your like.

  • Quest: Takedown enemies in missions, challenges & events at different levels to advance your journey. Create your team & prepare for advanced battles with more brutal guys.
  • Arena: Compete with players worldwide in arena mode. Create your squad of 3 & challenge other teams globally.
  • Raids: Attack opponents to collect their loots and resources. Destroy their bases and steal Everything from them.

League of Stickman account has all in-app purchases for free.

    1. Join our telegram channel.
    2. Click on the search bar in the top right corner.
    3. Search for League of Stickman Account.
    4. A list of 1K+ emails with passwords appears.
    5. Choose anyone & log in to the official Stickman game.

 Game Information

Name League of Stickman
Version 6.1.6
Size 134M
Requires Android 5.0+
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Gems
Updated June 2, 2022


How to Download League of Stickman MOD APK

1. Download the League of Stickman APK file.

2. Uninstall any previously installed apps or add-ons.

3. Open your device’s settings and locate the “Unknown sources” option.

4. Click “Enable” to turn it on.

5. Click “OK” to apply.

6. Search the Play Store for League of Stickman.

7. Tap on the League of Stickman icon on your app screen and follow the instructions to install the app.


1. How much does the League of Stickman MOD APK cost?

There is no cost to download the League of Stickman MOD APK.

2. Is the League of Stickman MOD APK safe to download?

Yes, the League of Stickman MOD APK is completely safe to download.

3. How do I use the League of Stickman MOD APK?

To play the League of Stickman MOD APK, go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and download the game.

What are the profits and consequences of downloading the League of Stickman MOD APK File directly?


  • The League of Stickman MOD APK File is a great game for Android users who love shooting games.
  • The League of Stickman MOD APK File is a game that is played on a map with several types of terrain.
  • Players can choose between different weapons that can be used to destroy the opponent’s base. There are several types of weapons, including rockets, bombs, and cannons.
  •  There are several benefits to downloading the League of Stickman MOD APK File directly, including you will be able to get the latest version of the game as soon as it is released.


  • The League of Stickman MOD APK File is a dangerous file.
  • It is not something you should download directly.
  • There are a lot of risks associated with downloading files from the Internet. You might get a virus.
  • You might download a file that is harmful to your device. You might download a file that is a Trojan horse.

Final Words

League of Stickman is a fun and exciting game that you can play whenever you want. You can also unlock new heroes by buying the in-game currency or by playing the game. You can also buy the in-game currency from the store. The game is free to download and play. However, it does have an optional in-app purchase for extra content.

You can also make your own characters. You can unlock new heroes, monsters, and weapons. You can also buy and sell items to other players.

The most important thing is to dodge and parry attacks. When you dodge, you can move away from an attack, and when you parry, you can block an attack. If you are close enough to the enemy, you can also counterattack. If you are able to dodge and parry, you will be able to avoid most of the attacks.