Grow Empire Rome v1.14.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins And Gems)

Download Grow Empire Rome Mod Apk For Android. 35 +35 to explore and unlock different Roman armies,Weapons and war around elephants!
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Mar 26, 2022
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Download Grow Empire Rome Mod Apk For Android. This is A beautiful ancient Roman tower defense style game with RPG elements. You will be the leader of all Rome and your own army, with which you will have to defend your country and your people against many enemies who will come in waves.

With each wave, the number of enemies and their strength increase. Hire new heroes, build towers, walls, and units and upgrade, they will give you extra power to fight in Grow Empire: Rome Mod Apk.


What is Grow Empire: Rome Mod Apk Max level?

Grow Empire: Rome is charming and impressive. The game was created by Game Station, the publisher of Art of War 3. This technique is a combination of mechanics, tower defense, and role-playing elements.

With this remarkable variety, the game has enjoyed an impressive 10 million downloads. Players will not easily be bothered by the wide range of game modes.

The reign of the powerful warrior Julius Caesar dates back to ancient Rome. You will rule over a small colony that will soon become an empire. To gain power, you must defend and defend your country against other cultures of ancient Europe,

lead your troops in battle, build defensive towers and be the best ruler of ancient Rome. At your disposal are strong and fearless Roman soldiers, whose actions will determine the outcome of the war and with it the fate of the whole of Rome. The peasants who once lived in poverty will be your best warriors and your small village will become a strong empire.

Upgrade your castle and prepare to repel the onslaught of the barbarian alliance of Gaul, Carthage, and Italy. Increase your resources, build your strength and go on missions. 120+ cities to win, 1000+ building upgrades, multiple game modes, different types of heroes, and siege weapons. Get ready, because it’s getting too hot!

Grow Empire: Rome is a real-time strategy game that challenges you to lead the Roman army in the war against the barbarians. To succeed in your mission, you must recruit hundreds of different types of soldiers: military, archers, cavalry, gladiators, generals, and more.

During a few battles, your main goal is to attack without stopping the enemy. However, there are other battles where you have to use more defensive tactics to survive. In this situation, it is important to strengthen your walls and spread your long-range weapons so that your enemies are destroyed before they reach your position.

Grow Empire: Rome You can conquer more than 100 different cities and fight countless other armies. Fortunately, you have more than 30 different soldiers on your side, four heroes with unique abilities, and more than a dozen special abilities to use in combat.


Grow Empire: Rome is a very fun and varied strategy game that offers a lot of fun gameplay. After all, it’s completely free. There are no in-app purchases or other strategies.

Grow Empire: Rome Mod Apk Free Shopping Features

Background goalkeeper Rome

Game Maker was Inspired by the birth, establishment, and great development of Rome, the capital of the mighty Roman Empire. It is basically a small homeland where the early peasants worked hard to earn a living without thinking of war or victory.

Under the direction and leadership of Lord Romulus, the Roman army gradually established dominance. It dominates vast tracts of land in Central Asia, Europe, North Africa, and other countries around the Mediterranean.

Most beautiful graphics

Although the game doesn’t take up much storage space, the game’s visuals are very lively and realistic, with vertical frame sync technology helping players visualize the genre a little more imaginatively – around 700 AD, pre-Roman lifestyle, and clothing.

The sound of the game is also dramatic, exciting, depending on the level of development of the country, depending on the context. For example, when the farmer cultivates the land, the sound of a game is quiet and peaceful.

Be the first strategy

The game is based on the same condition that the Roman Empire had in the history of Rome. Players start easily and gradually increase difficulty. Due to the lack of equipment, players must quickly complete tasks, accept gifts and be content to strengthen the field in the game.

The faster a player’s country develops, the faster the military can conquer other countries. After building and developing a strong, prosperous nation, Citadel’s population rapidly shrank and resources dwindled.

Develop the Empire: Rome (MOD, Unlimited Currency / James) The leader of the country is a player who must find ways to find wealth and expand the country’s development opportunities.


You can easily upgrade the skills and abilities of your troops to perform well in combat. You can also upgrade your city and defense towers, which will help you protect and defend people from enemies. Improve your army’s skills and abilities to conquer new territories. The rise of the Roman Empire


Ability and unlock Roman soldiers

This game gives you a lot of choice as a player. Complete various missions in this game to unlock achievements. Win a battle against your enemies to unlock more than 18 abilities that you can tune to strengthen your army. He has more than 35 Roman soldiers. The rise of the Roman Empire

Play experience

This game provides a dynamic video game experience. Play anytime, anywhere without restrictions. The best thing about this game is the optimization, which is great for software like iOS and Android. The game is very simple, so you can easily become the champion of this game.

Main Features

The game allows you to enjoy great gameplay genres of tower defense, mixed with a handful of strategic and role-playing elements that make the game unique in the Google Play Store.

Many of us end up annoying the game because it starts to come back after a while. Grow Empire: Not so in Rome because you have about 1500+ socks that will never let you down and catch you.

There are over 35 Roman soldiers to explore and finally unlock as you progress through the game. This means that the game has elements that ensure that you always have fun without getting bored.

The learning cycle never ends. The same goes for this game because there are about 18+ skills that you can unlock and acquire during the game, which makes you a better fighter than the competition out there. You have to be the best to lose the best.

Fighting is not only limited to attacks, it is also about providing a strong defense system that will help you eliminate all attacks. The game has over 1000 building upgrades for which you must build as strong defenses as possible to destroy your enemy’s plans.

More Features

Element of Tower Defense (TD), Strategy, and Role-Playing (RPG).

  • 500 gloves for survival.
  • 120 cities to conquer in old Europe.
  •  Update +1000 buildings.
  • 35 +35 to explore and unlock different Roman armies.
  • 12 different troops in each of the 4 European enemy teams.
  • Weapons and war around elephants!
  • 7 7 heroes with special abilities.
  • 18 abilities to unlock.
  • 6 + 6 card accelerator with 3 levels.

Build a strong army

Of course, to make your troops more effective, you need to update them regularly. You can train four different types of soldiers, these are:

Archer: This is your main defense against the wall during a siege war, so it must be an archer. He has a battle bonus against spear throwers.

Lancer: Lance’s weapons are powerful defensive units with good range and the bonus of combat cavalry. No army is complete without them.

Rider: A handful of each army, the rider can punch through enemy lines with lethal ability. Their speed and gait make them ideal for crossing enemy lines and attacking with subsequent disastrous results. Cavalry is especially effective against archers.

Swordsman: A basic infantry unit that forms the backbone of the Roman army of swordsmen and is effective in both crime and defense. They have no special combat bonuses or weaknesses compared to other units.

Upgrading all your units to level 10 will make them more effective in combat. Try to upgrade them as fast as possible so that the strength of your army is well balanced. You can also recruit fighters for the siege battle.

The story of the glorious emperor

Have you heard of Caesar for a long time, but did not appreciate his best behavior? Now there is a game that makes you Caesar to lead an undefeated Roman army on a European battlefield in the past. Welcome to the world of Grow Empire: Rome.

Dissatisfied with the etiquette and peace he possessed, Caesar dreamed of world domination and war strategy, the conquest and domination of neighboring countries, and the gradual expansion of other countries through Europe.

It is the story of the strongest hero of all time and how he led the small and weak peasant army to become the strongest warrior in the world. One such story appears in Grow Empire: Rome.

The Story

As you can imagine, the game begins against the backdrop of a battle between two armies. You will see a dark battlefield with strong cavalry and smoke. And you, as commander of Caesar’s army,


will help to conquer the whole world and build the most powerful empire that no one can destroy. Militarily, they are soldiers with various special abilities. For that, you have to look at their own tactics and adapt to their role in the military.

Remember that these soldiers are important and unchangeable because they will help you get what you want. Grow Empire: At the beginning of Rome, you will experience the excitement of defense and combat with fully equipped archers,

icebreakers, and armies. After that, you will become a general and you will be responsible for taking the small republic to the center of the Italian peninsula. Then your own army became a really growing empire. Basically, you are conquering other territories to increase your dominance, lead your army to victory in war, and control the development of your national wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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After you download the new version of the app, an update will begin immediately.

Q: How come Android App Permission is required in order to download Grow Empire: Rome Mod Apk?

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