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Find The Pair Apk In normal game mode, the task is to find most pairs before the time runs out. After each pair founded, the playing field rearranges.

In duel mode, the one who notices the fastest and most identical figure out of 20 possibilities wins. Here, too, after every pair found, the playing field rearranges.

There are 17 themes in the game, of which 16 can be unlocked by collecting stars.Each theme contains 40 figures. Of which a maximum of 23 different ones appear in a normal game at a time, while a maximum of 17 different ones appear in a duel game.

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The 16 theme :
– Vehicles
– Foods
– Love / Gift
– Animals
– Farm
– Mushrooms / Leaves
– Vegetables
– Planets
– New Year
– Spring
– Easter
– Summer
– Fall
– Halloween
– Winter
– Christmas

When designing the game, our goal was to develop the children’s observation skills and eye-hand coordination, as well as to promote visual perception and visual discrimination.

Elements for Animals, New Year, Spring, Easter, Summer, Christmas, Winter and the trophy were created by Freepik from
Elements of the Autumn theme were created by iconixar from
Halloween theme elements were created by Smashicons from

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