Dan’s World : Adventure Game 2D For Android

Download Dan’s World: Adventure Game 2D For Android

Dan’s World MOD Apk: Dan is a monster hunter, he swears that during his life he will kill all evil monsters around the world. because the monsters destroyed the settlements.

Come on, go on an adventure to kill all the monsters. collect all coins or diamonds to increase attributes. Enjoy the exciting adventure from Dan’s World: Adventure Game 2D.

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Features of Dan’s World MOD Apk:
– RPG adventure
– Saving Data Online (Play Games)
– HD graphics
– Large Selection of Swords, Skins and Shuriken
– 20 Levels (currently)
– Epic Boss Every Level 10
– Language options: English and Indonesian
– Difficulties : Easy, Normal, Hard
– Leaderboard (coming soon)

Minimum Specifications:
– 1.5 GB RAM
– Kitkat OS 4.4
– 256 MB free storage
– GPU Adreno 306

Download Source Link. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yashlan.DanWorld

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