Free Diy Auto Changer Wallpapers

Auto Changer Wallpapers Apk Download For Android-

This is an app that contains DIY Auto Changer wallpapers Apk , videos, and supports regular automatic update of those wallpapers and videos.
1. Automatic wallpaper change: this function is closed by default. Enter the settings page to set the frequency and mode, then it will replace in the order of playlist by default.
2. Contains multiple cool videos, support to set those videos as desktop wallpaper by one click.
3. Contains multiple hot pictures which will updates regularly and automatically, support to set those pictures as wallpaper and add to playlist by one click.
4. Support to select and cropping any photo in phones, and set as the phone wallpaper with one click.
Special permission description:
To use the DIY function, an application for access to the memory card will pop up when you click the button to select pictures for the first time. Please allow it. If deny it, this app will fail to read the local album.
If you want to use camera to take photos, you need to allow camera permission and read sdcard permission

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