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Applinked Apk is basically an alternative application of Filelinked, which was quite famous among the people of Applinked Apk Users.
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July 05, 2021
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Download Applinked APK Download 2021

Data sharing applications are rare in the market, but if you find something good in your phone then every work and sharing becomes easy. You don’t have to download different software or applications just to transfer files from one device to another. We know that there was an application called Filelinked. It was mainly used by most people and now because it is suddenly gone, it has left people to think what the best replacement or alternative for the Filelinked is? Well, you have come to the right place. We have the best alternative of the Filelinked. There is a new application called Applinked APK, download the app in your phone right now!

About Applinked APK

Applinked is basically an alternative application of Filelinked, which was quite famous among the people. Who wants to share their movies, apps, photos and much other private stuff. But now it is completely gone and the answer to fulfilling all of the requirements and features of Filelinked is the software called Applinked. Works in the same way, if you want to make a safe for your private videos or images. Then you can use this app for very good reason.

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Moreover, The process is simple, download the application, enter the app, create an account with the simplest process. Then start sharing your private photos or videos or even apks that you don’t want to share with anyone or just to the family. Send the code to whoever you want to share and if he uses the Applinked app then they can have access to all the stuff you have inside the safe.

Another great feature of the game is that this app is compatible for both Android TV operation and Amazing fire. This the feature which is quite appreciated by most of the users. There is no limit of data sharing, you can share plenty of data in the app. And it is secure. Because it is new application, you will find some bugs or errors in the app but it will never affect your phone’s performance.

The user interface is also quite friendly. You will never find any other file sharing application with this much excellent interface. So don’t wait and download the application!

Feature Applinked APK

  • Applinked File Sharing:

Applinked, as previously stated, is essentially an alternative application to Filelinked. Which was quite popular among people who wanted to share their movies, apps, photos, and other private information. But it is now completely gone, and the software known as Applinked is the answer to fulfilling all of Filelinked’s requirements and features.

  • Easy Registration process:

The procedure is straightforward: download the app, log in, establish an account using the easiest method possible, and then begin sharing your private photographs, videos, or even apks that you don’t want to share with anyone or just your family.

  • Works on Codes:

The code is how the application works. Send the code to anybody you want to share it with. If they use the Applinked app, they’ll have access to everything in the safe.

  • Saves Time:

We all know how time-consuming it is to share videos or images from one device to another through many applications, but with Applinked, it is quite easy and time-saving.

  • No limits to share Data:

The app allows for the sharing of a large amount of data. There is no limit to the amount of data you may share in the app; you can share as much as you like. It’s also safe. Because it is a new app, there may be some glitches or errors, but they will not impair the performance of your phone.