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Among Us Airship Map For Android Review:

With the Game Awards, Inersloth LLC used new content for its success in the US. Rose is grateful to Streamers for the popularity of Rose Airship Map Apk among Us, so she’s getting a lot of attention for the game. Here we know our Among Us Airship Map Mod Apk Card for Innovations.

Our new map below is based on a map called the Henry Stickman Series. If you watch the video of the aircraft trailer carefully, you can safely say that it is the same as the top race aircraft. As it turns out, the aircraft is probably one of the biggest maps between us. “Paul” is the biggest in the game right now.

What does a corpse look like? Connect with other players now. Discuss all the elements and try to find out which theaters are possible. Meetings can also be held to discuss suspicious activity or behavior by other players. I look forward to the following tasks. However, you must download the game to be found.

What is Among Us Airship Map?

If you are a regular Android player, you should play between us once, right? You will be surprised if you know. However, the player’s huge base is over 500 million. If you are one of them, give us a pearl for you. Tired of our interface? If so, this seamless application will add a good new interface, character, lobby and more to your regular game. If you are a lover of Among Us Airship Map Apk looking forward to this new revised version. Then this post is for you.

It’s late! Inersloth llc has released the Among Us Airship Map Mod app for its players. Now you can take advantage of the new lobby and a host of other exciting features. The best part is that it is completely free. There are no hidden charges or anything like that. They added a new card to this version (you no longer need to play with this boring interface). One-sided features – This app comes with a new app that completely changes your user experience. If you play with us for a long time. Then you will know about Paul’s card (it was considered one of the best cards).

In addition to lobbies and maps, this Apk offers dozens of other amazing features that you will not find officially with us. If you want to surprise your friends with our new look, do not miss the opportunity to download the aircraft map application below to take advantage of dozens of great features.

What to expect

In an interview with Inersloth, he was asked if a new card had been designed. Marcus Bromander reported that most of the rooms and the layout of the maps are already out. There are not only many new rooms and designs, but also new features. Players will definitely be happy for a while.

As you can see below, the new map has different rooms. In addition, we can expect many new and repetitive features, such as: b. For the removal of electrical cables and waste.

We have an exciting, adventurous and mysterious game that can bring joy to people of all ages and ages. Each game can have 4 to 10 players, some of which are team metal and other theater.

You must commit a mysterious murder to save a member of the group.

If the team can run before all the killings take place and win without knowing anything about the team.

Features of Among Us Airship Map APK

  • FREE Download
  • Play for free
  • The last map
  • New skins, pets and hats
  • New features
  • Among Us Airship Map Apk theme
  • Report system
  • The user interface is more creative and attractive
  • Less server problems
  • Reduce the number of ads
  • Much more

Key Features of Among Us Airship Map Apk

  • Before you go, get acquainted with the guaranteed possibility that allows you to use the bus during the trip. Relax, it is not foolish to make these supplements. Just read and worry …
  • Conquer the game by successfully completing all tasks to create a spaceship. Or you can sort all the theaters and throw them out of the game. The traitor can sabotage your plans at any time. Therefore, all players must react immediately and move as fast as possible.
  • With admin cards and webcams, you can monitor all team members. Pay attention to the signs of fatherhood.
  • Excerpt from an airplane map with Inersoloth flirting that “The Scald” is a cleaner version of the cockpit than the current one.
  • Although the video trailer did not reveal much about the aircraft, it will.
  • It will be interesting to see how players can use different functions and mechanisms in the new card.


This review must have answered all your questions Among Us Airship Map Apk, now download this amazing app for Android and enjoy it. If you like an airship map app, share it with friends and family.

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