マインスイーパーOMEGA(Minesweeper) 無料パズルゲームアプリ- マインスイーパ v1.2.0 MOD APK

App Information:

App Name マインスイーパーOMEGA(Minesweeper) 無料パズルゲームアプリ- マインスイーパ
Category Puzzle
Size Varies with device
Version 1.2.0
App id net.basicgamezero.minesweeperomega
Update 2021-05-23
Requires Android
Android 5.0+
Installs 1,000+

Download マインスイーパーOMEGA(Minesweeper) 無料パズルゲームアプリ- マインスイーパ MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android

It’s the latest version of マインスイーパーOMEGA(Minesweeper) 無料パズルゲームアプリ- マインスイーパ MOD APK. マインスイーパーOMEGA(Minesweeper) 無料パズルゲームアプリ- マインスイーパ 1.2.0 screenshots 1

『マインスイーパーOMEGA (Minesweeper OMEGA)』は無料のクラシックパズルゲーム。



『マインスイーパーOMEGA (Minesweeper OMEGA)』はそのマインスイーパを

◆『マインスイーパーOMEGA (Minesweeper OMEGA)』の遊び方◆

◆『マインスイーパーOMEGA (Minesweeper OMEGA)』の面白さ・特徴◆
・操作も簡単でシンプル! お子様からシニアまで幅広い年齢層が楽しめる!

◆ミッションモード◆ 制限時間あり

◆フリープレイモード(=通常モード)◆ 制限時間なし
・難易度は自分の実力に合わせて遊べる5段階(9×9 / 16×16 / 16×30 / 32×32 / 64×64マス)

◆『マインスイーパーOMEGA (Minesweeper OMEGA)』は以下の方におすすめ◆

懐かしのマインスイーパーを今度はぜひ『マインスイーパーOMEGA (Minesweeper OMEGA)』Androidアプリでお楽しみください!

『マインスイーパーOMEGA (Minesweeper OMEGA) 』は無料ですが、広告で運営しております。
“Minesweeper OMEGA” is a free classic puzzle game.
It is a free puzzle game app that allows you to play the classic Minesweeper on Android.
You can enjoy Minesweeper in two modes: “normal mode” + “story specification mission mode”.
Story mode:
It’s up to you to rescue the captive beauties from all over the world!
Pressure approaching the classic Minesweeper!

■ Aim to clear within the time limit!
■ Free play allows you to play normal mode!
■ Rescue the beautiful women in each area and complete the rescue file!

** For those who are new to Minesweeper **

◆ What is Minesweeper in the first place? ◆
Minesweeper is a one-person computer game invented in the 1980s.
The purpose of this game is to remove mines (bombs) from the minefield.
The number represents the number of land mines around, and the number is used as a hint to infer the position of the land mine.
This is a logic game that opens all panels except land mines as soon as possible.
Because you can enjoy both “puzzle elements that you solve logically with your head” & “action elements that compete for time”
It is a classic puzzle game that is a classic puzzle game that is popular and popular with many people who are simple but addicted to it.
“Minesweeper OMEGA” is the Minesweeper
A puzzle game app that you can play on your Android smartphone.

◆ How to play “Minesweeper OMEGA” ◆
Clear by opening all the panels while avoiding the panels where the mines are hidden!
If you open a land mine on the way, the game is over.
The numbers displayed indicate the number of mines around
You can guess the location of the mine from the displayed number.
Once you know the location of the mine, set a “flag” as a marker to prevent accidental opening of the mine panel.
Also, if you do not know whether it is a land mine or an empty panel, as a memo, “? ] Can be flagged.

◆ Fun and features of “Minesweeper OMEGA” ◆
・ Widely enjoyable in two modes: story-specific [Mission] and normal mode [Free play]
・ Because you can play in a short time, it is perfect for taking a break or killing time!
-Easy and simple to operate! Enjoy a wide range of age groups from children to seniors!

◆ Mission mode ◆ There is a time limit
・ Mission: Rescue the beautiful women trapped in each area within the time limit
・ Area selection: 5 areas in total ・ 5 stages for each area ・ Difficulty level up as you progress!
・ Rescue file: Detailed data file of the captive beauty (information is released every time the beauty is released)

◆ Free play mode (= normal mode) ◆ No time limit
(Recommended for training before entering the mission)
The normal mode has 5 levels of difficulty, and is a classic Minesweeper that can be enjoyed and played widely at any level from beginners to advanced players.
・ There are 5 levels of difficulty that you can play according to your own ability (9 x 9/16 x 16/16 x 30/32 x 32/64 x 64 squares)
・ Maximum clear time is recorded for each difficulty level

◆ “Minesweeper OMEGA” is recommended for the following people ◆
・ I like board games, classic games, classic games, and action puzzle games.
・ Those who are looking for brain training and logic games
・ Those who want to enjoy a slightly unusual Minesweeper

Please enjoy the nostalgic Minesweeper with the “Minesweeper OMEGA” Android app this time!

“Minesweeper OMEGA” is free, but it is operated by advertising.
Thank you for your understanding.

How to install マインスイーパーOMEGA(Minesweeper) 無料パズルゲームアプリ- マインスイーパ MOD APK on Android device

  1. Download マインスイーパーOMEGA(Minesweeper) 無料パズルゲームアプリ- マインスイーパ MOD APK from the link below.
  2. Go to Menu, Settings, Security, and “tick Unknown Sources”.
  3. Once downloaded, go to Downloads, select “APK file”, and select “Yes”.
  4. The app will start installing on your device.

How to install it from computer

Not only via a smartphone, this APK file can also be installed via a laptop or desktop PC . Here’s how:

  1. Download マインスイーパーOMEGA(Minesweeper) 無料パズルゲームアプリ- マインスイーパ from the link below.
  2. Before you connect it to your phone, make sure your phone gives permission on your PC.
  3. Go to Menu, Settings, Security, and “tick Unknown Sources”.
  4. Once you have downloaded the APK file on your PC, connect your Android device to it.
  5. Then, find your hp folder on the computer. It will be in ‘My Computer’ or ‘Computer’ on Windows (PC).
  6. Copy the APK file into a folder of your choice on your Android smartphone.
  7. Now you can find the file location in the “My Document” folder on your device.
  8. Find the APK file, then press Install.

Now, you can also access more APK files and start installing other applications that you want like this. Good luck!

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